Classroom Chic from Jillian Harris

September 8, 2011

Remember Jillian, the interior designer contestant on the Bachelor?  It's okay, I won't tell anyone. Just take a few minutes to check out her ideas for fresh classroom design. They're all simple and easily adaptable.

You also might think I’m crazy to believe a classroom could be chic but I’m out to prove you wrong on that one. I found some inspiring images to spark some ideas- whether you’re a teacher with a new classroom to decorate; a mom that homeschools her brood; or just a design lover that appreciates fun ideas!

First up, I loved the idea of layering different maps and hanging globes from the ceiling in the room below. I know that school teachers might be limited in what they can put in the classroom but both maps and hanging globes are classroom approved and they’re so chic in groups!

Another idea I loved was bringing in industrial items for storage, like the photo below. How cool would it be to find some old school lockers at a flea market and repurpose them in your modern classroom? Also little things- like the metal buckets, can add just a touch of style while still being practical.

The next room I loved for its color and fun. The adorable garland hanging on the ceilings is so easy to make it could even be a class project (all you need to do for that is cut felt in triangles and hot glue the triangles to a sturdy ribbon). This classroom is pretty clean and basic but the garland makes it festive!

The next idea I found is incredibly chic and simple. Do you guys remember my post on chalkboard paint? Well you can use it on anything! So find a framed pushpin board and paint it with chalkboard paint and voila: upscale classroom artwork.

And finally if you’re a homeschooling parent then this last image might inspire some ideas on how to style your classroom. I love the idea of one big, rustic wood table to work at and the oversized apple artwork is just so adorable! Also, you might have noticed in my mini home tour that I’m a huge fan of organization and this classroom is kind of heavenly to me because of the multitude of storage baskets.

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