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October 16, 2011

The internet has become, for most of us, the proverbial mecca in our lives.

We use it to pay bills, buy and sell goods, garner research, entertainment, social networking, education.  It has infiltrated every aspect of our life.  We are never without  it -- it's in our restaurants, schools, free WiFi in our parks, and constantly at our finger tips via our phones.

Our students are already well-versed with the web by preschool.  3rd graders have Facebook accounts.  And although we as educators have enough on our plates with rising standards and state tests, it is still our job to serve as a moral compass.

Last month the WNY area lost a 14 year boy who took his own life due to incessant bullying -- much of it conducted via social networking sites.  A fellow teacher suggested taking a look at NetSmartz.  Take a look at the activity cards -- separated by grade level.

Please do not send me your cover letter or resume. I do not work for any of these schools, I just post jobs.

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