Why do I have to pay to see jobs?

January 13, 2012 @ 2:37 pm

Are you really going to be charging people to access the site?

Sorry, but yes. We have decided to charge a membership fee of $5 per month.

What jobs do you post?

We post teaching, administrator, and professional school personnel (psychologists, nurses, social workers, counselors) job vacancies in all 10 regions of New York State. We post jobs for public, private, parochial, and charter schools. We DO NOT post jobs for daycares, out of the country, or out of the state. We are beginning to work on adding additional states.

Why should I pay?

Researching and posting jobs is very time consuming. It has become a full-time job. We have developed a system and use software that allows us to check all of the districts and schools every single day, twice a day. We have also cultivated relationships with schools and districts, allowing us to post job for their schools before others. NYS Teaching Jobs eliminates the hours of job searching that you would do on your own.

We also provide informative articles, have access and dialogue with school administrators, and research interview tips and resources.

Using NYS Teaching Jobs gives you access to jobs throughout the entire state, in the event that you need to relocate to find employment in your certification area.

Why are you charging us?

We simply could not afford to keep NYS Teaching Jobs as a free site.

Our increased traffic, for which we are very grateful, means increased server fees and retaining technical support. We also have office expenses, software program fees, and computers to pay for.

The posting of jobs and articles is very time consuming and can no longer be done by volunteers. To keep NYS Teaching Jobs going, we need to hire paid employees.

This was a not a decision that was made lightly. This was necessary for NYS Teaching Jobs to survive and grow. Just a few short months ago the previous owner was faced with three options -- Shut the site Down, Sell the Site, or Charge a Membership

How much does membership cost?

The cost is $5 per month. It works out to less than $0.17 per day. It is less than the cost of a monthly Sunday newspaper subscription (psst -- we post their jobs too!).

Don't you realize that many of us are unemployed or working as substitutes?

We absolutely do. We have experienced the loss of jobs and the struggle of surviving on a substitutes salary. We are trying to keep the site as affordable as possible - $0.17 a day. We want you to find a job in your certification area as soon as possible.

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up. You will be invited to pay through a secure connection on PayPal

Is the site expanding?

Yes! We know that most of you would prefer to stay in NYS, and in your own community. Unfortunately, some of you may need to leave the state to find employment in your chosen certification area. We are beginning work on additional states. Please know that it is our sincere hope that each of you find a permanent job. Nothing makes us happier than hearing from a reader who has landed a position.

I'm still not happy about this!

We're very sorry, but we have to do this in order for NYS Teaching Jobs to continue.

Thanks for your support and understanding.

Please do not send me your cover letter or resume. I do not work for any of these schools, I just post jobs.

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