What Members Are Saying About NYS Teaching Jobs

February 25, 2013

Our members are our number one priority.  They are why we do what we do -- on holidays, at 1am, when we're tired or sick.  Nothing makes us happier than those emails notifying us that a member has landed a job.

Below are some kind words from satisfied members.  Hopefully, we can add your name to our list of working teachers soon!

Aaron J. - "Thank You for this useful tool (website), you made finding a job very easy. I applied for and got a job that I would have normally never seen. I also applied to more positions than I have ever in the past. "

Mary Ann M. - "I was a member to help my daughter in her job search, and I am happy to report she was offered a position that was posted on your site. Thank you for providing a fantastic resource for out of work teaching professionals."

Andrea B. - "I've recently accepted a teaching position. Thanks so much!!! I have your service to thank for finding the position, so thank you and keep up the wonderful work!"

Seth L - "Thanks to your site I just got a job! I will certainly let my colleagues know about what a great resource you are!"

Krista M - "I found a job!"

Nancy A - "Great site! I tell everyone About it! I actually joined to help out my friends and family."

Allison P - "I was just offered a teaching position at a school.  Thank you very much for this site, it has been absolutely amazing to use!"

Kelly A - "Your site has been so helpful. I got a job!"

Jen D - "Thanks for running a great service! I have been offered a job"

Tamesha L - "I've found a job. Thanks for your help!"

Amy C - "I have obtained a teaching position. It (the website) was really helpful!"

Mabra K - "I found a job!"

Courtney L - "I have received a full time teaching position for the fall. Thank you!"

Kristin M - "This has been a great website and helped me find a job."

Caitlin D - "I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance in the process of finding a job. I have found your website extremely helpful and have referred you to all of my teacher friends. I am very excited to say that I received an offer from (WNY district) last week and will be starting in September as a Special Education teacher."

Abby S - "I was hired"

Katie E - "I was offered two jobs this past week!! Thank you for your site. I will recommend it to others."

Tom R - "I got a full time teaching job. Thank you for your help in my searching process."

Julie M - "I finally found my teaching position!! Thank you!!"

Christian H - "I saw a teaching job for mathematics  on here, applied, and got it!"

Amanda P - "I recently found a job!"

Lydia A - "Hi, I've accepted a job that I found thanks to your site!  Thanks for your great help!"

Therese L - "I recently found a job"

Brittani G - "I just recently got a teaching job"

Scott H - "I found a job through the website. Thank you very much this site has been helpful!"


Please do not send me your cover letter or resume. I do not work for any of these schools, I just post jobs.

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